Roku Setup and Linking Your Roku

Roku Setup and Linking Your Roku

To add AHLTV on your Roku, you will first need to access the Home Screen. On the left, scroll down to Streaming Channels. Here you can browse and search for the HockeyTV channel. Once you find the AHLTV channel, highlight it and select Add Channel. If you created a PIN during activation, you will be prompted to enter it now. If so, please enter your Roku PIN

Note: setting a PIN prevents unwanted purchases and channel additions. Creating a PIN is done during the activation process and is not associated with your AHLTV PIN. If you forgot your PIN visit

Once the channel is added, you will receive a prompt staying that the AHLTV has been added to the end of Home (to move it, highlight it and press *). Then press OK. You will now see the AHLTV channel on your Home Screen! To view the channel, now press the Home button on your remote. The new channel will appear at the bottom of the channel list. For more information, click here for an instruction video on how to add AHLTV as a channel.

Linking your Roku: 

To stream AHLTV content to your Roku, you will first need to link your AHLTV account to your Roku account. To link your account, please acquire the AHLTV channel on your Roku. Once there, select Sign In, and enter the email associated with your AHLTV account. A verification PIN will appear on the screen. Then, access on a web browser and log in. Navigate to the top right corner and select Roku Connect. From there, enter the Roku PIN that was displayed on the Roku Channel screen so that we can associate your account with your Roku device. Once you enter this PIN successfully, the Roku screen will automatically update. Congratulations! You have successfully linked your Roku and your AHLTV account to stream content!

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