Can I watch on my TV?

Can I watch on my TV?

AHLTV can be streamed on the following OTT devices. Download the AHLTV app on any of the following devices: 

Roku: For system setup, see Roku Setup HERE.
Apple TV (4th Generation or higher): For documentation to set up your Apple TV, see Apple TV Setup HEREFor Apple TV minimum system requirements, visit Apple TV specs HERE.
Amazon Fire TV: For system setup, see Amazon setup HEREFor system requirements, see Fire TV specs HERE.
Android TV: View Minimum Requirements for Android TV HERE.

Chromecast and Smart TV's are not officially supported devices. 
Although we do not officially support Chromecast, you may visit the following link for step by step instructions on how to use Google Chrome Web Browser to Cast AHLTV video to your TV via Chromecast: How to Cast to my TV

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